The Power Of Thought

Who's thoughts are they anyway?

I am glad that you are here & trust you are doing OK 😉 I have a few helpful thoughts on thought to share with you now. Being that upon waking up today, there was a need or desire to calm down a bit and put things (thoughts, actually) into a sort of compartmentalized cubicle or box or space apart from causing a bit of interference with the daily regimen. That was a run-on sentence for sure. I’ll endeavor to clean it up now. Make it more succinct. Craft a more easily read message for you!

By the way, I will frequently encourage you to get a sturdy notebook, journal or even a pocket sized notepad in which to write your daily goals and list of important activities down. Personally, this habit has helped me in a few important ways: By writing ‘to do’ and goals lists the night before you’d like to do this stuff, your mind can rest easier knowing that it’s all on paper. Freeing you up to do what is necessary, mainly relax and sleep. Of course a good night’s sleep is integral to helping address just about any health issue you can name. It’s the same with anxiety. For me, even if I need to take a half milligram of Ativan or similar medication in order to calm the hell down, it’s worth it. I restrict my usage of medication to those times only when it is necessary (subjective, I know) and beneficial in the larger scheme of things. IE: Shut the monkey mind up and get busy completing the tasks and goals that were written down the night before! As you complete items on your list check them right off. You might call this a positive feedback loop where you are rewarding yourself and reminding yourself of your positive progress now, today!

IMO, having one functional ‘oar in the water’ is certainly preferable to having none. Please keep in mind that these are my personal experiences, methods and observances. We are all of different mindsets, makeups & body chemistries. We all know this and I just want you to know that I do realize this. Your results and desires and methods of treatment will quite possibly be different. Whatever works for *you* is what matters above and beyond all else.

One of my daily ‘to dos’ is always getting at least a half hour of exercise. An hour is definitely more effective for me. Most days it happens too! Probably 99.5% of the planet agrees that exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, especially outside in nature seems to be most beneficial for many people. All you need is decent footwear and to head right out that door. As a benefit, I find that meeting and talking with neighbors can be enjoyable and takes yourself out of ‘yourself’. It is said that the human mind as powerful as it is, can only hold or focus on one thought at a time! I find this pretty damn amazing. Sure the thoughts can come rapidly. Observe this in yourself and discover the truth for yourself. Can you hold two different thoughts in mind at once? Knowing this through direct experience can manifest a powerful realization. Holding positive and optimistic thoughts in the forefront of your thinking is a most worthy and beneficial habit to hold tightly.

For example, yesterday I walked quite vigorously up in the mountains for a few hours with a few breaks thrown in. I’ll tell you this: my only thoughts afterward were to get a hot shower and some dinner! Mind chatter was definitely put way back on the back burner. The endorphins were flowing for sure. The mind was calm and I’m always thankful for that.

Back to the power of thought which I’ve been alluding to. I would like to share the video below with you. This brief talk of 8 minutes or so is one of the few diamonds (IMO) that I keep bookmarked. So, you know it’s gonna be good 🙂 Check it out and let me know how you like it. Peace! Kevin

The Power of The Thought

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