A Simple Very Effective Guided Meditation – Endless Calm

Find a comfortable place and relax..

It now a good morning (here) where I am creating this message just for you and for me. Yesterday was a trying day as some can be. Somewhat important yet minor emergencies presented themselves and choosing to put some distance between the matters at hand and the larger picture helped put it all in perspective. Thankfully I have restarted a meditation practice anew. We are all different, akin to 7 billion snowflakes, each unique. This being said and recognized as truth upon reflection, it’s nice to find simple methods that help us calm down and these methods can have a long lasting positively calming effect. Meditation, in my opinion, is one of these methods. Meditating regularly can improve your life beyond words.

Meditation, for me, has proven time and again to be highly beneficial. The only way I can explain meditation’s positive influence on my life is that when the mind is at ease it can be more productive and objective. There is a space that develops between events and/or perceptions of events and their place in the bigger picture. What meditation seems to do for me and many, many others is help develop this space. Where there is space there is a certain freedom. The freedom allows for a kind of logical analysis of thoughts relating to events, thoughts and feelings. There are many medical studies that confirm the value of a regular meditation practice. Through experience, I have confirmed these findings. I hope you also will.

Something is always happening to almost everyone nearly all of the time in the course of daily events, except when we are deep asleep. When I meditate and this distance between thought and attendant feelings/reactions/responses opens up and allows for a response rather than a reaction. When you look at the definition of ‘reaction’ you will find that reactions are often referred to as ‘knee jerk’ or ‘unconscious’ ..as if a program is running. And it is! If you have a fast computer you know that its response to your input can be very quick. The processor commands the hard drive or cloud storage mechanism to spit requested data out rapidly. The computer does not ‘think’ about the command, it just fulfills it! Our unconscious reactions happen in much the same way IMO.

Rapid reactions can serve to protect us in the physical world. Many examples can be observed: we rapidly pull our hand away from a hot stove burner, for example. Or, quickly maneuver ourselves to safety when encountering a sticky situation when walking, running or driving a vehicle. These encoded reactions happen almost instantly. Our survival instinct is on alert and reacts appropriately, keeping us safe.

Now, back to the subject at hand: Endless Calm by Linda Hall. Just the title of this meditation and it’s implications are more profound than almost any emotional state I can think of. Endless bliss also works 😉 Endless love? Would this world not change for the better overnight if it were only true. Something to think about. Even moments of deep calm can be very welcomed, are we in agreement?
As we develop a calm nature life moves a little more like a slowly meandering river hugging its banks and flowing right around and within them. Sure storms happen and the river may breach the banks that normally confine it. This is just nature working a bit of overtime. The course of the river may change a bit over time but it’s peaceful flow reestablishes itself in time.

Our goal for now can be to enhance & maintain the flow of life similar to that of a river. I believe the meditation below to be one of the finest guided meditations freely available to all. See if you like it as much as I do ;). I suggest you find a comfortable chair in a relatively quiet place and make a commitment to yourself to meditate daily. Sitting upright while meditating works best for most people although you may try laying down also. This meditation flows nicely for approximately 25 minutes. I find that meditations of this length are sufficient to enjoy a deep state of relaxation and can fit into most people’s daily schedule. Consistency with meditation is one of the keys to enjoying it’s varied and life enhancing benefits.

Please invest in yourself. Do you best to meditate daily. Ease into it if that feels right for you. I like this particular meditation so much that I downloaded it and will use it regularly. We well enjoy other meditations along the way as well.

Peace Always & All Ways!

Endless Calm – Deep Relaxation With The Ocean

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