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This Nighttime Hypnosis Session, In My Opinion, Is Gold..

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As is usually the case, the morning hours tend to be most challenging for me in terms of worry, racing thoughts (at times) and anxiety. Mornings are when I most consistently schedule in time for relaxing meditation and hypnosis to soften the worries, busy thoughts and potential anxious feelings that may follow. I feel that starting our mornings with relaxation techniques tends to set the stage for a calmer and more productive day. It seems (in my experience) that employing this plan, tactic, whatever you wish to call it, ‘takes the edge off’ of what may arise later on. Your journey may be different. Are we in agreement that feeling relaxed and at ease is the preferred over the alternative? Good, let’s explore a bit :).

For me, the meditations that I find effective are approximately half an hour to 45 minutes in duration. You may find results sooner or stretch it out a bit. Many days I meditate in the morning and just before sleep. Do what works for you. What matters most is that you reach a state of relaxation that is palpable.. you can feel it: A settled mind, a relaxed body. You will know you have found your groove when a certain calmness carries on through your day. It is said that the mind follows the body. This is why exercise is strongly suggested in many cultures as the primary treatment for anxious symptoms. Certainly half an hour of exercise of the aerobic type might be considered a good starting point. Both physical activity and meditation seem to work in concert for me. The important thing to keep in mind is to do something positive for yourself. Some therapists and experts suggest that beginning with even the most incremental steps can lead to developing a momentum to build upon. Many of us ‘regular people’ also believe this to be absolutely true.

Freedom From Worry and Anxiety
A Feeling Of Freedom

The point is to believe in yourself and your body’s ability to set the mind at ease. On the other hand, some of us need to clear the mind first, then the body follows through with completing the tasks at hand. This is where a list of activities, chores & goals for the day really becomes integral to developing enduring positive habits. Habits that become enjoyable because results can be seen quite rapidly.

I have been studying a bit lately on the subject of self talk and it’s crucial role in building our positive self esteem. Praise yourself with powerful and descriptive language and do this often throughout the day. This technique, which will quickly become a very beneficial habit seems to work its magic most effectively just prior to dozing off and immediately upon awakening. Soon, I will write a more in depth post on this subject. You can start doing this now. Self praise (not to be confused with conceit or being brash) is one of the most powerful tools you can employ for your positive overall well being.

In any case, as is usually the case(!), this post is starting to ramble. However, I do have a suggestion for you and a wonderfully well done bedtime hypnosis session posted just below for you. It’s an absolute gem in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier, meditation and hypnosis for anxiety and worrying thoughts is proven to be effective. Keep in mind that you are a worthy and unique individual and deserving of the peace and tranquility that comes with a quiet mind. To this end, make a promise to yourself that you will listen to this nighttime hypnosis session tonight as you drift off to sleep. At first, I did not realize that this hypnosis session for worry and anxiety relief was intended for bedtime use! Right now it is just after midday where I sit after listening to this highly effective and professionally produced recording. Yes, it worked like a charm for me!

I encourage you to add this -or your favorite- hypnosis session to your daily ‘to do’ list. I like to rotate my favorites regularly. Let me know of your experience and make a commitment to yourself to listen for a week or more. There will be additional similar recordings posted here from time to time. Choose those that work best for you. Remember to include some reasonably vigorous physical exercise into your daily ‘to do’ list as well. You will feel calmer and develop more distance between your thoughts and the matters at hand that may need your attention. This is also true concerning those sometimes abrupt events that arise and need focused attention. Your body and mind have incredible resources available to be tapped into for your best wellbeing. Always remember this.

Let’s turn things around a bit and put the staggeringly powerful potential of the mind back to work in our favor.. just for the peace of it! 🙂

Peace All Ways To You,

Listen To This Relaxing Hypnosis Session As You Drift Off To Peaceful Rest Tonight:

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