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Dzogchen Immediate Recognition

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My apologies in advance for being a bit ‘slack’ in posting for over 2 months. I did look at the date of the last blog post here and kind of gasped. It is what it is (so to speak). <<<—That little saying really used to piss me off. Have you ever considered the weight of “It is what it is?” A very close friend would repeat it nearly religiously whenever a wrinkle in the fabric of life, daily living and doing, presented itself. Upon many years of sporadic reflection on this saying you might have come to the same conclusion. And perhaps I’ve reckoned with it:

It’s pretty much the truth. The ‘issue’ is, we all see the world through our own colored filters of experience, learning, culture, mores, rules, laws, family environment, physical environment and on and on. No use in carrying on with it. Maybe most of us are conditioned to a degree. True Masters are said to have realized their true selves and dispensed with who they ‘thought’ they were. However, to break from these bonds I’ve found it helpful to realize that we are all 99.4% the same. Wow! I mean, that’s a big number. Even if it is only 96.something percent we are all still pretty much the same beings with the same needs. Mostly to feel love, recognition & approval from *ourselves* first and others second.

Coming out of this really heartfelt realization, it seems much easier to have empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings and as a palpable benefit, ourselves! Bottom line is that we are all here just trying to survive or thrive and hopefully learn a lesson or two that are durable. Like touching your hand to a hot stove burner which I thought about the other day. Simple and direct experiences are those that seem to ‘stick’. Aren’t they? Who would consciously and purposely place their hand on a burner again without holding that hand just over the burner to check first for warmth? I’ll bet 99.4% of us do check first!

Why is this phenomenon not present in our thinking when we are caught up in it? A thought occurred to me the other day regarding ‘rumination’ which is just a thought or a series of thoughts that circle around inside the cranium. The thoughts are akin to clouds. Does any thought ever hang around, let’s say, forever? Of course not. Our thoughts will and do change constantly. What if rumination was of a positive nature?? WHOA! That’s the thought (haha) that hit me just a day or so ago. ‘What if ruminating thoughts were of a positive nature? Fairly constructive inquiry, eh? Do you think so? Let me know 😉

In any case, being that the searching for a quiet mind continues, mostly on YouTube, the featured video below had me listening to it three or five times over the past day or so. After that, being curious about this fellow, I checked out his little channel and found some additional very thought provoking (revoking!) practices and teachings that really appear to come out of centuries of experiential teaching from the East.

This is a short little talk of 7 minutes. Currently I am listening to the talks found on Mr. Peterson’s channel, which you can find here: Jackson Peterson’s YouTube Channel. Since we are discussing thought right here and basically throughout this whole website, it seems appropriate IMO to delve into exactly what thought is, where it comes from, how to interpret it and then put it in its place! Personally speaking, I am planning to listen and re-listen to this stuff as it is very interesting. As a big bonus, Jackson actually teaches his students some exercises that assist in looking at thought for what it actually is. Also taught are methods to help to put some real distance between our real selves and the hollow construct of THOUGHT! How useful!

Strangely, the series of talks found on his channel (near the bottom of the list) took place in Mexico. Not so strange as the world is a small place in all actuality. However, the thought of visiting Mexico has been somewhat strong for me over the past several months and I do not know why. Probably just a coincidence.

Thank You.
Peace All Ways,

Jackson Peterson Speaks of Immediate Recognition

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