Using Rhodiola to Fight Stress and Anxiety

Rhodiola Rosea is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream science..

Using Rhodiola to Fight Stress and Anxiety

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola Rosea is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream science as a very potent tool in their armory in the battle against many manifestations of stress and anxiety.

Here we will delve briefly into just one herbal treatment for stress and anxiety which has recently come to the attention of the western world. I recently stumbled upon Rhodiola and will definitely order some very soon. (It is easy to find online and perhaps at your local health/vitamin shop).

Rhodiola Rosea is the latest natural alternative to join the arsenal of natural anxiety and stress reducers.

Rhodiola Rosea, also known as Golden Root, is a native plant of arctic Siberia, Europe & Asia. For centuries it has been used by eastern European and Asian cultures for physical endurance, work productivity, longevity, resistance to high altitude sickness, to treat fatigue, depression, anemia, impotence, gastrointestinal ailments, infections, and nervous system disorders. Pretty impressive in my opinion!

The first recorded medicinal applications of Rodia Riza (renamed Rhodiola Rosea) was made by the Greek physician, Dioscorides, in 77 B.C. in ‘De Materia Medica’. Rhodiola Rosea has been a recognized treatment in Russian medical circles since 1969 and for many centuries prior to that by healers living in the hinterlands mentioned above.

Despite its long history, the Western world has only recently become aware of the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea. It has come to the attention of many natural health practitioners because of studies which tested its effectiveness on combating anxiety and stress.

You can read more about this promising herbal treatment here: 7 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea at

What are Adaptogens and How do They Work?

Rhodiola Rosea is considered an adaptogen. This means it has an overall stabilizing effect on the body without disrupting other functions. Its ability to normalize hormones may be effective for treating depression and anxiety.

Studies of Rhodiola Rosea show that it stimulates neurotransmitters and enhances their effects on the brain. This includes the ability for the brain to process serotonin which helps the body to adapt to stress.

Since adaptogens improve the body’s overall ability to handle stress, it has been studied to identify it’s effects on biological, chemical and physical stress.

Rhodiola Rosea Fights Stress & Anxiety

A study was performed to test the effects of Rhodiola Rosea when stress is caused by intense mental work (such as final exams). Such tests concluded that using Rhodiola Rosea improved the output and quality of work, increasing mental clarity and reducing the effects of fatigue.

The effects of Rhodiola Rosea have also been tested on stress and anxiety from both physical and emotional sources. A Report by The American Botanical Council – Click Here! states that “Most users find that it improves their mood, energy level, and mental clarity.” They also report on a study that indicated Rhodiola Rosea could increase stress tolerance while at the same time protecting the brain and heart from the physical affects of stress. Sounds solidly impressive, doesn’t it?

This report included details of studies which highlight the overall health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea.

The generally recommended dose is 200-600mg/day. The active properties should be a minimum 0.8 percent salidroside and 3 percent rosavin.

Check With Your Doctor Before Using Rhodiola

It is important for consumers to know that Rhodiola may be sold using other species that do not share the properties of Rhodiola Rosea, or at ineffective strengths for treatment. Anyone with depression or anxiety should also check with a health professional when treating these symptoms. Also double check to see that the root of the plant is used in the formula as I believe the root contains the active components you may benefit from.

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